Breed of Fairy that are short, round, and hairy. They have large tombstone teeth--good for anything. They have sensitie beard skin and are very smelly. Dwarfs are sensitive, intelligent, and criminal tendencies. They love gold, precious ems, tunneling, and the dark.

They prefer underground to above due to special abilities and photosensitivity (dwarves in direct sunlight burn within minutes).

Special abilities include:

Ability to unhinge jaw to tunnel through earth (waste is expelled from the other end)
Ability to create luminous saliva (to light up dug caverns or solidify on and therefore trap a prisoner)
Ability to use beard hairs as sensitive whiskers that sense vibrations (can be bent into a keyhole-- when pulled out, creates copy of key)
Ability to use tunnel-waste-created flatulence as a rocket
Due to these abilities, many dwarves are thieves and burglars, though they have to give up their magic to enter dwellings without permission.

Mulch Diggums is a dwarf.

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